Professional Golfers

"Now, lets set a constant hand position on the grip and

get your eyes directly above the intended target line."

The Putter That Coaches

New Innovations In Putter Design

We consulted the world’s top Elite Pro-Coaches and learnt their coaching philosophy which can be summarised as follows: ​

“Consistency in putting stems from creating good starting positions at address. We call these starting positions constants and there are three critical constants for putting namely, constant eye position over the intended target line, constant hand position on the grip and constant ball position in the stance." 

We have incorporated the critical constants for putting into the Constant Putter; a deep etched grip, for a constant hand position and a 3-D prism for a constant eye position. Now, you too can adopt the starting positions, like the pro's and learn to putt like a pro!


This is Peter Cowen with an original prototype of the constant putter which he helped to design. Peter is an Elite Pro Coach who has achieved over 250 main PGA Tour victories and 8 majors.

Two Unique Components 

Our innovations have been examined by the governing bodies of golf [R&A and USGA] and the constant putter has been deemed to comply The Rules of Golf. 

3D Sighting Prism

Deep-Etched Grip

The Constant Putter incorporates a 3-D prism with lines strategically marked above and below the true sweet spot of the putter. 

When the small line on the top of the prism is trapped by the two long lines on the bottom of prism then your eyes are directly above the target line. Now you can: 

1. Eliminate visual misperceptions

2. Eliminate parallax errors 

3. Locate the sweet spot accurately

The Constant Putter grip is marked with 3 deep-etched oval markings so you can feel the position your hands are in with your thumbs.

The Constant Putter grip will help you to locate and fix a constant hand position, by feel. Now you will:


1. Learn to control ball momentum

2. Learn distance control

3. Develop a consistent putting stroke 

Two Innovative Putters

The Constant Mallet


Extremely forgiving and specifically engineered so it can be finely tuned for an individual’s stroke style. The Mallet is designed for golfers seeking a consistent putting stroke and exceptional forgiveness.

The Constant Blade



For the advanced golfer with built in new technology that is specifically designed to enhance performance and improves consistency.


Both the mallet and the blade putters are manufactured for optimum performance and made from the best materials, without compromise. They are precision CNC machine engineered for accuracy and performance. 

HEAD MATERIAL 303 stainless steel

FACE INSERT Duralumin, double milled to create tiny structures that bite into the ball to create a pure roll


HEADS  3.5 degree face angle,  70 degree lie angle, rocker base

ALIGNMENT Parallax alignment prism accurate to 0.5mm


SWEET SPOT  Accurate location to nearest 0.5mm


WEIGHTS 6 peripheral weights  and two adjustable weights 

LENGTHS 33, 34 & 35 inches

GRIPS 3 deep-etched thumb markings for accurate location of the hands, by feel. 

The Constant Putter has got everyone smiling...

The Constant Putter is that good that every golfer who tests the Constant Putter buys it!  When you see it action, you will know that it will lower your scores and enhance your putting performance.

Steve Daily - Mickleover Golf Club, UK

"The Constant Putter is the best putter I ever; I've holed more putts than ever before, and I can't remember the last time I three putted; it really is a great putter!"

David Andrews - Burford Golf Club, UK

"I used to get frustrated with my putting game; my driving was ok and my short game was good but I would miss so many putts it ruined my score card and I had no idea why. Now I know why and now I've fixed my putting game with the Constant Putter; my score card makes much better reading"

Steve and Paul Smith - Shaddow Creek, USA


"Where has the Constant Putter been all my life???

If I had this putter years ago it would saved me so many dollars in lost bets with my bro! My putting game has improved so much with just having the Constant Putter in my bag; I love golf again!"

Put the Constant Putter in Your Bag Today!

Add some joy to your putting... watch the video below

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