Have you ever been frustrated by missed putts and wondered why?

You may be surprised to learn, that it may not be your fault - it could be down to visual misperceptions.


Unlike most sports, where the eyes are positioned directly behind the target, with the putting stroke the eyes are positioned to the side of the target.


Principals of optometry confirm that unless the eyes can be positioned directly above the ball's centre and on the intended target line, visual misperceptions will occur.

Here’s a test you can try now that illustrates the problem. ​


If you shut one of your eyes and hold your hand up to the horizon you will see a picture. Now if you swop eyes you will get a different picture. Your overall view hasn’t changed but your hand appears to move across the horizon.


Each eye is sending a slightly different picture to the brain for processing. This helps with depth perception and distance control but, if your eyes aren’t positioned squarely over the intended target line and kept in a constant plane when you look up at the hole, visual misperceptions will occur and lead to missed putts.

To avoid getting mixed messages from your eyes you need to position them directly over the intended target line and, when you look up at the hole, make sure you keep your eyes in the same relative to the ball.


​ Once you are in position over the ball only look at the hole with a sideways glance, without moving your head up or down. Now, the picture in your mind’s eye will remain the same and you will eliminate visual misperceptions.

The Constant Prism is marked with lines above and below the prism - they will only line up when your eyes are directly above the target line.


The Constant Prism will help you to get your eyes in the correct position for putting which will eliminate visual misperceptions.

Get this amazing training aid now and you will start to knock in putts from every corner of the green. The Constant Prism can be retro fitted to your existing putter so it’s a great way to improve your putting.

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