Reading Greens

With a little bit of practice with the Constant Putter you will develop a consistent putting stroke and strike every putt from the sweet spot. However, there is still one variable that you will need to master in order to hole more putts namely, reading greens. You need to read the slope, if any, and pick the line you need to start the ball on. 

This is a complex art but help is at hand. 

The purpose of this page is to give you objective and dependable advice and to provide you with useful links to putting experts and systems that can help.


Bear in mind that the pro's  are very good at putting because their coaches teach them the importance of the three critical constants responsible for creating a consistent putting stroke and they practice a lot! Even with the best coaching and endless hours of practice their putting averages are still quite low so, don't beat yourself up if you miss the odd putt! Your putting averages will certainly improve with the constant putter; there is no doubt about that! 


PGA professionals' putting stats to date...


PGA Tour Putting Average

 makes from 3 feet: 99.42%


PGA Tour Putting Average

makes from 6 feet: 70.98%


PGA Tour Putting Average

makes from 10 feet: 50.17%


PGA Tour Putting Average

makes from 20 feet: 14.02%


PGA Tour Putting Average

3-Putt Avoidance >25′: 91.71% (This means they three-putt 8.29 percent of the time outside of 25 feet.)

Picking The Correct Target Line

There are many different techniques that can help you to pick the correct target line. The one that most PGA Pro’s tend to favour is called Aimpoint so do check this out on YouTube.


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