That missed putt may not be your fault – it could be a parallax error

Off-centre strikes are statistically proven to be the major cause of missed putts. That’s not surprising because the size of the sweet spot on any putter is just 1/8th of an inch in diameter.

Most traditional putters, like the one illustrated here, are marked with a flat line over the sweet spot, which does help to some extent.

The problem with a flat line is that it can look the same from many different angles; a phenomenon known as a parallax error. So, with traditional putters you can never be 100% certain that you have centred your putter correctly.

With this alignment prism you can locate the sweet spot of the putter with millimetre accuracy.


The prism is strategically with red lines above and below the sweet spot of the putter.

These lines will help you locate the sweet spot on the putter with 3-dimensional accuracy. 

mallet aligned.png

The two images above look virtually the same, but you can clearly see that there is a parallax error with the image on the left.

With the constant putter you can locate the sweet spot, to the nearest millimetre and with 3-dimensional accuracy. You can now eliminate parallax errors and strike more putts from the sweet spot and thereby hole more putts than ever before.