That missed putt may not be your fault – it could be due to an inconsistent putting arc

If you don't grip the putter in the exact same position, for different length putts, you could inadvertently vary the putting arc. If your putting arc is not constant then your putting stroke will be inconsistent. 

design0201 (1) (1).png

Most putter grips do have markings to help you to achieve a constant grip position. The problem is that once your hands are placed on such grips these markings become obscured and so you can never be 100% certain that you have put your hands on the exact same position on the grip, every time.

The constant putter grip is marked with 4 deep-etched oval markings so that you can feel the position of your hands with your thumbs.

The constant putter grip will help you to locate and fix a constant hand position and your putting arc will no longer vary – it will always be constant!