That missed putt may not be your fault – it could be a visual misperception

Unlike most sports, where the eyes are positioned directly behind the target, the putting stroke positions the eyes to the side of the target.

Principals of optometry confirm that unless the eyes can be positioned directly above the intended target line visual misperceptions can occur and lead to missed putts.

Pic 3.png

Reason is, we have two eyes and each eye sends a slightly different image to the brain for processing.

visual misperception

In this example – there are two images as seen by the left and right eye 

seen by left eye.jpg

You will note that the left eye sees a slightly different image from that seen by the right eye.

The brain processes these two different images and combines them so that we see a single image in our mind’s eye! These slightly different images help us to gauge depth and judge distances.

In the putting context, they help with distance control but can also confuse the brain.


This prism, incorporated into the constant putter, can help to get the ball started on the target line and to eliminate visual misperceptions.

Set the putter head square to the target line, with your eyes directly above it, making sure that the ball is centred, and you can only see one red line.

Now, the line between your eyes is on top of the target line and so you can start the ball along this line.



When you look up at the hole, always do so with a sideways glance, keeping your eyes in the same plane, and making sure not to bob your head up or down.

In this way, the image in your mind’s eye will remain constant and you will never miss putts because of visual misperceptions.